Guide for delivery/pick-up and work report

The delivery and pick up of goods must be performed in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the concerned building. A work report is mandatory for construction, delivery and pick-up of goods, and moving-out.

Delivery vehicles

Delivery vehicles must strictly observe the following size specifications.

1) Izumi Garden Tower

Delivery Entrance: 2F
Height: 2.8m
2t long vehicles are not permitted entry

②Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Grand Tower

Delivery Entrance: B1F
Height 3.5m, Length 6.0m, Width 3.0m (Maximum)

Please use the freight elevator for delivery and pick-up
Delivery using a trolley cannot be done from the main entrance.



After entry, please complete registration procedures and wear the arm band within the building premises.
The parking charges are free for 20 minutes after entry. After this, the hourly charges from the time of entry will be applicable.
Pass cards (for a fee) are sold to vendors who deliver on a regular basis.
Please contact the Security Office / Disaster Prevention Center staff for further details.

Work Report

A work report is mandatory for construction, goods delivery/pick-up, and moving-out.
Entry will not be allowed in case it is not submitted.
Please obtain either the signature or the seal along with the name of the tenant, who has placed the request, and mail it or FAX it to the Security Office.

[Submit to]

IZUMI GARDEN Tower Security Office
FAX 03-5572-6116
Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Grand Tower Security Office
FAX 03-5545-3862